Amazing Race: Derpy Beginnings


This was the leg that we noticed that one of the scientists was really derpy. When they found out they made it into the race, she injured herself while training and did something with her pelvis that caused her to run funny. She never complained about it, but she did do a lot of derpy things. Falling into a hole was just one of them. Continue on to read the comments that Amy and I made while watching teams go to Morocco to build food carts, remove hair from animal hides, pour tea and twirl tassles from their hats.

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Five Favorite New TV Shows of 2014

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I have not had a chance to check out all the new television shows that debuted this past year, but there were a few of them that I believe flew under the radar for most people that I really loved. Some of these you might have been aware existed, but I imagine a couple of them, you might not have a clue were even on the air. I encourage you to check them out if you haven’t. It happens that four of them are comedies, so that works out if you are in the mood to laugh. I also seem to be a big fan of Comedy Central and FX shows.

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Boyhood took 12 years to make because Richard Linklater wanted to show a child growing up with his single mom all the way to going away to college, and he wanted to use the same actor. He convinced Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke and the mom of the kid that plays Mason to go along with his idea* to shoot the movie for a few weeks each year to tell this story. It is really unique and nice to watch everyone change as they get older and it becomes a true coming-of-age movie in the process.

*The girl who plays Mason’s sister, Samantha, didn’t have much of a choice, since she’s Linklater’s daughter.

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From the Archive:
Movies Opening Aug 1

Nationwide Releases

Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Directed: Rob Cohen
Starring: Brenden Fraser, Jet Li, Maria Bello, John Hannah, Michelle Yeoh

Synopsis: Brendan Fraser is attacking Jet Li as a dragon emperor while lots of dead things attack everyone.

My Take: The first two were campy, goofy fun. This one loses it and tries too hard. I was also confused in the trailer why they were shooting arrows at skeletons. Do arrows hurt bones?

RT Score: 9%
RT Consensus: With middling CG effects and a distinct lack of fun, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor finds the series past its prime.

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Movies Opening Aug 1

The One I Love


This movie is so weird and will be difficult to explain why without giving too much away, so you’ll have to trust me. For some reason, I thought this movie was from the people that created Safety Not Guaranteed and it has similar vibe to it, even though this is more serious than that movie, but other than both starring Mark Duplass, they don’t involve the same producers, writers or directors. If you enjoyed that movie’s weirdness and non-explanation of the ending, then this one will be right up your alley.

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Edge of Tomorrow

Lovely day for a walk on the beach.
Lovely day for a walk on the beach.

What if Groundhog’s Day took place in the middle of a war with aliens and you didn’t even get to play with a cute groundhog day after day? This movie is different where in that one Bill Murray’s character only tried to kill himself a few times and even if he made it through the day alive, he still woke up to Sonny & Cher. Here there is a time travel element and the day starts only over after death. If you actually make it through a day alive, it will continue. You just have to survive since there is that pesky war going on with aliens.

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A group of eight friends gather for a dinner party on the night of a comet passing overhead.  Things were already tense when one woman is not thrilled when one of the friends brings her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend as his date.  What starts out as a low budget indie where people  talk about their feelings and issues with one another suddenly turns into a scary sci-fi thriller once the lights go out in the neighborhood.

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Amazing Race: Cakes & Boxes on Bikes


In this episode, teams traveled to Denmark where they carried cakes on bikes, built a living room in a parking space and had to memorize crazy sandwich orders. There were also a lot of people riding on bikes with a lot of other people in boxes. So weird! Continue on to read about Amy, Steve and I being glad that we didn’t have to do any of these super hard tasks.

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