January 2016 TV SciFi

I’m excited that The X-Files are back, even though the show did not end on a strong note. I am hoping after all this time that some of the excellence that shown through in the third through fifth seasons will sneak into some of these six episodes and remind me …


January 2016 TV Historical Dramas

I was interested in the War & Peace miniseries until I read a few reviews of it and it actually made me want to read the book. Why do I keep wanting to read super long books? Mercy Street does not sound appealing to me at all.


January 2016 TV Fantasies

The Magicians could be cheesy, but having read the first book in the series, I am curious enough to check it out. …

From the Archive:
Far From Heaven

A 1950’s rich family’s life turns upside down when the wife catches her husband in bed with another man. Starring Julianne Moore, …


January 2016 TV Dramas

I don’t know if I want to root for a hedge fund guy, but I do like Damian Lewis so I’ll check …


January 2016 TV Documentaries

I wasn’t really interested when I heard about Chelsea Handler doing a documentary series, but after watching the trailer for Chelsea Does, …


January 2016 TV Crime Dramas

I ignored the first season of American Crime since I heard that it was really self important, but this season was much …


January 2016 TV Comedies

Fall really did not have many comedies so it seems like the networks were waiting for January to unleash them all on …


Carrie (2013)

This was a completely unnecessary remake. When it began it showed Julianne Moore as Carrie’s mother, Margaret White, giving birth to Carrie and …


February Book Vote: Memoirs

The #1book140 Twitter book club has decided that we will read a memoir for the month of February 2016. Below is a …