Big Hero 6


Big Hero 6 looks like a Pixar film, even though it isn’t. It does come from Walt Disney Animation Studios and since Disney purchased Pixar a few years back, I guess it’s okay if they make a movie that has  the heart of a Pixar film, even if it doesn’t follow through with the story. This film is about a boy robotics prodigy, Hiro,  who is dealing with some major life issues when he stumbles across a robot prototype that his older brother created called Baymax. He’s a nurse robot that is programmed to heal and looks like a big marshmellow with legs. When Hiro’s city of San Fransokyo is terrorized by a big baddie, he decides he needs to turn his healing robot into a fighting machine with the help of his friends.

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Amazing Race: Derpy Beginnings


This was the leg that we noticed that one of the scientists was really derpy. When they found out they made it into the race, she injured herself while training and did something with her pelvis that caused her to run funny. She never complained about it, but she did do a lot of derpy things. Falling into a hole was just one of them. Continue on to read the comments that Amy and I made while watching teams go to Morocco to build food carts, remove hair from animal hides, pour tea and twirl tassles from their hats.

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Boyhood took 12 years to make because Richard Linklater wanted to show a child growing up with his single mom all the way to going away to college, and he wanted to use the same actor. He convinced Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke and the mom of the kid that plays Mason to go along with his idea* to shoot the movie for a few weeks each year to tell this story. It is really unique and nice to watch everyone change as they get older and it becomes a true coming-of-age movie in the process.

*The girl who plays Mason’s sister, Samantha, didn’t have much of a choice, since she’s Linklater’s daughter.

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From the Archive:
Movies Opening July 31

Funny People is the only one that looks good in the wide releases. Out of the limited releases, the quirky love story, Adam appears to be the most interesting, and the documentary about Oz films would be interesting to catch on cable.

Nationwide Releases

9x9_fresh Funny People
9x9_rotten Collector
9x9_rotten Aliens in the Attic


Funny People
Directed: Judd Apatow
Starring: Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana, Jonah Hill

Synopsis: A wealthy comedian-turned-movie star is dying, and he hires an up-and-coming stand-up comedian to write jokes for him, while also mourning the one woman he let get away.

My Take: I do really enjoy Judd Apatow movies, and his movies continue to become more mature, unlike the movies made by his “crew”.

9x9_fresh RT Score: 65%
RT Consensus: Funny People features the requisite humor, as well as considerable emotional depth, resulting in Judd Apatow’s most mature film to date.

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Movies Opening July 31

Edge of Tomorrow

Lovely day for a walk on the beach.
Lovely day for a walk on the beach.

What if Groundhog’s Day took place in the middle of a war with aliens and you didn’t even get to play with a cute groundhog day after day? This movie is different where in that one Bill Murray’s character only tried to kill himself a few times and even if he made it through the day alive, he still woke up to Sonny & Cher. Here there is a time travel element and the day starts only over after death. If you actually make it through a day alive, it will continue. You just have to survive since there is that pesky war going on with aliens.

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A group of eight friends gather for a dinner party on the night of a comet passing overhead.  Things were already tense when one woman is not thrilled when one of the friends brings her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend as his date.  What starts out as a low budget indie where people  talk about their feelings and issues with one another suddenly turns into a scary sci-fi thriller once the lights go out in the neighborhood.

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Gone Girl


I was excited when I heard that my favorite book from 2012 was being turned into a movie, but the more I thought about it, the more I became wary of the idea. How could this crazy book be turned into a movie? It alternates back and forth between the husband who is a major suspect for his wife’s disappearance and the missing wife’s tell-tale diary. That’s all before a major surprise halfway through the book and a crazy ending that made some people angry, but I loved it and thought it fit perfectly. I felt everything that took place in the book with all the twists and turns was too much for a movie. I thought what I loved about the book just couldn’t translate into a decent movie. I think on some levels, that’s my issue with the movie, even though overall, I thought it was a decent thriller.

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2014 Holiday Movies: Thriller


Thrillers can be edge-of-your-seat good or so over-the-top bad. One of these looks good.

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