Trucks Starring: Timothy Busfield, Brenda Bakke, Jay Brazeau, Brendan Fletcher, Amy Stewart Directed by: Chris Thomson Written by: Stephen King (short story), Brian Taggert (teleplay) Rating: PG-13 Length: 1 hour 35 min Genre: Horror Release Date: October 29, 1997 As ridiculous as Maximum Overdrive is, it still has some fun, goofy moments to it. Trucks, based on …


Saga: Vol. 1-6

Saga: Vol. 1-6 by Brian K. Vaughan (writer), Fiona Staples (artist) Pages: 928 Genre: Science Fiction Published: October 23, 2012 – July 5, 2016 Purchase: Book (Vol. 1-3) | Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Vol. 4 | Vol. 5 | Vol. 6 5/5 stars I had heard only good things from …


2016 Fall TV Preview: Violent Action

Both of these guys are for hire, one as a hitman and the other as a superhero.


From the Archive:
The Longest Yard

I remember watching this movie when I was younger and couldn’t wait to see this latest version. Kat and I went from …


2016 Fall TV Preview: Unique Comedies

These don’t seem to be laugh out loud comedies, but do have some dark humor or funny moments in the middle of …


2016 Fall TV Preview: Sci Fi

Both of these shows sound ridiculous but I want to watch them anyway.


2016 Fall TV Preview: Sassy Women

I was going to go with Sassy Moms, but then I had to put The Good Place in some category so I …


2016 TV Fall Preview: Reboots

Wow! There are a lot of reboots happening this fall even though most of them in the past have failed, the few that …


2016 Fall TV Preview: Feel-Good Drama

Both of these are getting good reviews from critics and might fill any gaps left from Parenthood no longer being on the …


2016 Fall TV Preview: Family Drama

Queen Sugar is getting pretty good reviews and it seems like Oprah finally found a decent show for her network. The Crown …

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