Best New Summer TV Shows


Summer used to be filled with reruns, then that morphed into a bunch of mindless reality shows. Those are still out there, but more and more shows that were typically saved for the fall are debuting in the summer. I meant to post this in May before Penny Dreadful and Halt and Catch Fire started, but it didn’t happen. Below are the what looks like the best of the television shows debuting this summer. This is my opinion after watching the trailers for the shows. My view could change after I actually start watching them. Do they look good to you? What will you watch?

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The Husband’s Secret


The Husband’s Secret
Liane Moriarty

I mostly wanted to read this story to learn about the secret. I had to know. As I went along in the book, it became less important about the actual secret. I wanted to know how the three main women and how all the people in their lives would deal with the news of the secret. I was surprised I hadn’t been spoiled about the secret before I had a chance to read the book, but I think the reason was that isn’t the main point of the book. It is really about how this secret has shaped the lives of these people and how learning about it affects other people. It really shatters reality for some people and reading about how they deal with it is what kept me reading.

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From the Archive:
Movies Opening Feb 9

Nationwide Releases

Hannibal Rising
Directed: Peter Webber
Starring: Gaspard Ulliel, Rhys Ifans

Follows how Hannibal Lector turns into a serial killer after growing up in a Soviet orphanage after his parents violently died.

RT Score: 17%
RT Consensus: Hannibal Rising reduces the horror icon to a collection of dime-store psychological traits.

While it’s fascinating to watch the killer evolve, the fact that he’s always onscreen detracts from his mystique. Hannibal derives much of his intrigue from his mystery.
- Phil Villarreal
Arizona Daily Star

The great thing about monsters is that they glide noiselessly from nightmare straight into myth, fully formed and eternally mysterious. To know what made them is to explain them. And once you explain anything, you begin to lose your fear of it.
- Stephen Whitty
Newark Star-Ledger

What this nasty, brutish movie left me feeling was ashamed to be American. First of all: As a folk archetype, a supervillain for our times, this is the best we can come up with? A vaguely Eurotrash schoolboy who eats people’s cheeks?
- Dana Stevens

what’s left is a plodding revenge story, memorable only for the way it strips the last vestiges of interest from what was once a fascinating character.
- Glenn Whipp
Los Angeles Daily News

The guy’s about as intimidating as a mildly irritated kitten, and that certainly doesn’t up the creep factor.
- Scott Weinberg

I always knew I was going to see another Hannibal Lecter movie, but did it have to be the Muppet Baby version of Hannibal Lecter?
- Willie Waffle

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New Summer TV Shows: June 2014


Even though there are quite a few shows debuting in June, not many of them stand out. The only ones with any interest to me are “Halt and Catch Fire” and “The Leftover.” Both of those have intriguing premises and the channels they are on also make me want to give them a chance.

The rest of the shows are typical summer fluff with”Jennifer Falls”, “Young & Hungry”, “Mystery Girls” and “Reckless.” A few of them (“Tyrant” and “The Last Ship”) seem to be trying too hard and end up substandard.

Continue on to read more about the shows and watch trailers for each one.

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Amazing Race: Pantless Wonder


On the third leg of the race, the teams headed to Malaysia where some slid pantless down a waterfall, teams built bamboo rafts that promptly fell apart once in water, one team makes a major mistake by not reading their clue (like usual) while another one gets stranded without a taxi. Come read what Amy, Steve and I had to say about the March 8, 2014 episode “Welcome to the Jungle.”

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New Summer TV Shows: May 2014



Out of all the shows debuting in May, the only one I want to give a try would be Penny Dreadful. I do love supernatural series and this one tying into literary characters makes it even better. It looks like what The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen could have been.

I had been excited about Chris D’Elia getting another show, but this one does not look funny. NBC also airing back-to-back episodes in a short time period during the summer does not make it seem like it is putting any effort into wanting to continue the show. It is similar for Crossbones, which involves pirates and John Malkovich, but looks incredibly boring. That makes me sad because it could have had potential.

Continue on to read more about the shows and watch trailers for each one.

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by Diana Gabaldon

I’ve had a good friend talk about this book for years. Romance isn’t really a genre that I read. She had mentioned it had to do with time travel (briefly) and there was a lot of action and adventure in the Scottish Highlands. I still stayed away since romance isn’t a genre that I’m all that interested in. I don’t mind if romance is part of a bigger story, but I have never been into those bodice-ripping books that I used to see my mom read growing up. I used to go for the Edgar Allan Poe books that were on the bookshelf instead. What got me to finally read a romance? It was a genre that my Twitter book club (#1book140) decided to read. It was the pick for February, but I was still reading the January book so I didn’t get to this one late and missed most of the conversation. I’m still glad I read it though since it changed my mind. Not so much about romances, but at least about this series.

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