Amazing Race: Feisty Zebras


It was a double episode in Africa! At the start of the first leg, Steve noticed that all the teams were sporting different colored bandanas. No explanation was given, but each team had one. When Steve noticed this, he asked, “Why is everyone wearing Tupac doorags?” Amy and I then proceeded to laugh at the guy lawyer who looked the most ridiculous with his pink bow. Come see what other searing questions Amy, Steve and I asked as we watched the seventh long episode of the Amazing Race.

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I want to love all Christopher Nolan’s movies since I am such a big fan of Memento, the Batman trilogy and Inception. Then there was Insomnia which I have no desire to ever watch again. I feel like Interstellar might fall into that pile, even though I did enjoy parts of it. As a whole, it left me feeling underwhelmed.

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Martian Time-Slip


Martian Time-Slip
by Philip K. Dick

Jack is a repairman who fled Earth to join the colony on Mars and hopefully has cured himself of his schizophrenia. There are many local businessmen that want to claim parts of Mars for themselves before the UN shows up to claim it, making the value of the land skyrocket. Arnie is one such businessman who thinks he is going to be able to get the best piece of land with the help of an autistic boy who he thinks can see the future. He needs Jack’s help in communicating with the boy because he viewed autism and schizophrenia has pretty much the same. Somehow through all of this, no one knows if they are really seeing into the actual future or into the distorted worldview of this little boy.

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From the Archive:

A serial killer makes his victims kill themselves while he watches.

I thought this movie was going to be super duper gross so we decided to watch it while eating dinner. Yum! It was pretty gross, but what’s in my head is a whole lot sicker so no getting sick while eating food.

Other than that though, this movie was pretty boring. It liked to show the elaborately set up scenes where the killer guy gives people a puzzle to figure out so they can live or else they will die. I thought they would have been more interesting since it’s a pretty cool concept, but they weren’t all that interesting.

I really wanted the people to die faster so the movie would be over. I just couldn’t wait for it to end. I think that was mostly due to the overacting done by almost everyone. Cary Elwes and Danny Glover, who I have seen actually act in previous movies, were acting like this was their first big break after acting class and they were emoting all over the place. They were ACTING! It was very, very bad. I think that’s what mainly led to me wanting everyone dead as soon as possible.

The only good part of the movie is the last few minutes. There was a twist that I didn’t see coming and it was cool. It made me laugh. I was also happy that the movie was finally over.

Grade: C-

Time Out of Joint


Time Out of Joint
by Philip K. Dick

Ragle Gumm wins a newspaper contest everyday and he makes a living off the prize money so it becomes his sole job in his small town in 1959. Then he starts to notice things are a bit off when he finds a magazine in a neighbor’s house that talks about a famous celebrity, Marilyn Monroe, that he has never heard about, or when he tries to get a soft drink from a soft drink stand in a park, it disappears into thin air and is replaced by a small slip of paper on the ground that says, “Soft Drink Stand.” When he tries to get out of town to figure out what is going on, something is always stopping his journey.

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Eye in the Sky


Eye in the Sky
by Philip K. Dick

Eight strangers touring a particle accelerator get hit with a ray beam and find themselves in an alternate reality  that is close to their own world, but all the morality rules have changed. When they realize what is going on, they find themselves in a completely different alternate reality wondering if they will ever get back to their own while they jump from one world to another.

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Amazing Race: Scary Heights


Teams that fought last time (JJ team) or all the time (Blair & Hayley) got along this leg! The lawyers didn’t fair so well though. I’m pretty sure they hate each other. Come read what Amy, Steve and I said about teams dressing fancy while running around Monaco getting lost and getting sweaty on this sixth episode of the Amazing Race.

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